Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I book with a Travel Agent?
By booking with Hanson Travel we take the stress out of the booking process. We take care of all the admin and even check you in! You are also fully covered by ATOL.

2) When will I receive my tickets?
This will depend on the Tour Operator that you have booked with, they are generally issued between 28 – 7 days before departure.

3) Can I pay with Cash?
Yes, you can make all payments in Cash.

4) Do I get charged to use my Credit Card?
No, we do not charge you for the use of a Credit Card, However, we do have a shop limit of £2500 as we do still get charged.

5) Can I pay monthly?
Yes, if you book through Hanson Travel you can pay as much or as little and as often as you want, as long as you have paid your full deposit and the balance is paid by the due date.

6) Can I pay over the phone?
Yes, payments can be made over the telephone with your debit or credit card.

7) Once my booking has been confirmed can I add on pre-booked seats?
Yes depending on the Tour Operator extras can usually be added up until you have checked in for your flights.

8) Can I book airport parking/ Lounges with Hanson Travel?
Hanson Travel can book airport lounges, parking and even airport hotels.

9) Do you provide insurance?
We can provide you with a fantastic Holiday insurance policy as long as your holiday is booked through Hanson Travel.

10) How do we check in for our holiday?
As long as we have all your passport details we can check you in online and print off your boarding passes. This may not be possible for some airlines due to their 24-hour check-in policies.

11) Do you offer foreign exchange?
Hanson Travel keep Euros and Dollars in stock, however, we can order most other currencies as long as we have 48 hours’ notice.